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On Sunday, we were told once more that the PTR would be coming in the following week, and probably sooner moderately than later. Still, Monday dawned with nothing. By late Monday, the Character Copy queue out of the blue started to drop drastically in wait time, making folks believe the copies have been being loaded on to the PTR in preparation for a night release. On the final, we received one ultimate tease: The brand new Argent Tournament, complete with a laundry record of extremely thrilling but incredibly vague options.

These packages are all subscription-based mostly, however all these applications have free trials of various lengths. Should you cancel in time, then you will get books without spending a dime. Only do that if you’ll be able to remember to cancel in time (set a notification on your telephone) or if you may afford the monthly fee:

1 year ago

One of the panels at GDC discussed the illustration of Muslims in video video games; this article highlights the panelists examples and suggestions on how to enhance.

On the lookout for something to put in writing about? Mull over:

There are occasions, as a writer, that you just see a headline and suppose “I wish I would written that.” This story on Danny Trejo, tacos and VR is ok example. It’s one other instance the place a actually light novel free method was taken to a developing technology, and made me marvel: What’s your best concept for a way VR must be used? Do you have a unique concept to what VR can be finest for, that pushes it past the boundaries of roller coasters and video games? Tell us what you see as the way forward for VR.

Do you prefer studying historical and classical romance novels like Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility,” something extra contemporary and raunchy like “Bared to You” from the Crossfire series, something extra fantasy and paranormal like Rebecca Zanetti’s “Darkish Protectors” or do you prefer a bit of a tragedy like John Inexperienced’s “The Fault in Our Stars?” Or perhaps one thing else totally?

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