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We’re going that will help you navigate the process of purchasing a new gun online as a way to enjoy your newest addition as quickly as attainable without any headaches.

There’s quite a lot of noise in the media about what patrons can and can’t do when purchasing a firearm.

So, what’s the reality?

While there actually are loopholes that permit some unsavory folks to buy weapons illegally, buying online will not be one of those loopholes.

Pros & Cons of Buying On-line

Nonetheless, there are also loads of nice local gun shops (LGS) that will love to have your business. Let’s cover among the pros and cons of shopping for on-line vs shopping for out of your LGS.


Cheaper value since they don’t must deal with the overhead of a physical store.

No tax in case your vendor is out of state (some caveats such as CA which requires you to still pay tax on pickup).

Large choice whenever you factor in all of the places that sell online.


You possibly can’t form a relationship with the employees like at a LGS who can readily answer all of your questions

You don’t get to see and really feel the gun in particular person

If something breaks, there’s no real place to deliver it besides to the gunsmith or factory

Not supporting an area enterprise

Wait for shipping

Steps to Buying a Gun Online

When you’ve chosen your online retailer, picked out your gun, and made your buy, do not forget that the company will not send the gun directly to your doorstep within the mail.

To pick up your firearm, you will must discover a local seller with a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Any reputable gun store in your space will work just fine.

Even some pawn shops and collectors might have them, so all you must do is ask around a little bit.

After the gun arrives on the FFL, the process turns into the same as buying in person.

When you would like to keep the process as speedy as doable, set up your FFL pickup location earlier than you even order your weapon.

Here are the steps:

Contact your local FFL

Inform them that you would like to have your firearm shipped to their store for pickup (inform the FFL if the gun is coming from an outside supply like Brownells)

Ask them about their charge for providing the pickup service (normally around $25 to $seventy five, however it varies relying on the state and individual FFL)

If you happen to agree with the charge, arrange the switch

Provide your native FFL with the mailing address, e-mail address, or fax number of your online retailer so that the FFL can send proof of their license (fashionable on-line stores likely will have your FFL on file since this only needs to be executed as soon as)

Let your retailer know who your FFL is and the address to which they will be sending the gun

To offer you a good warning, some FFL holders hate it while you purchase your gun online since they lose out on the margin of the particular gun and time spent helping you transfer. So research and ask round your space to find essentially the most accommodating FFL.

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